Multigrain Atta
Multigrain Atta
Multigrain Atta
Multigrain Atta

Multigrain Atta

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Multigrain atta is a source of protein and fibre derived with an innovative mixture of grains to keep active all day. Try our multigrain atta to eat soft and delicious rotis.

Ingredients: Wheat (50%), Multigrain (50%) - Finger Millet (Ragi) and Barley, Bengal Gram (Moong dal) and Soya

Method of Preparation :

  • Step 1. Take required quantity of Ammae Multigrain Atta and prepare soft dough using warm or cold water.
  • Step 2. (Optional) For richness in taste, you can add little buttermilk while mixing the dough.
  • Step 3. Cover the dough & keep it for three to five minutes.
  • Step 4. Roll chappati/roti smoothly with the help of a rolling pin, roll them into a thin disc.
  • Step 5. Heat flat pan and place chappati/roti over it, cook evenly till brown spots appear on both sides.
  • Step 6. Serve hot.

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