Diabetic Care

Delight Medley Pro is a combination of grains that help regulate blood sugar levels, builds immunity, reduces cardiovascular problems, reduces cholesterol, removes toxins, etc. Delight Medley Pro is especially rich in protein, an essential building block to cell growth and regeneration. Protein sources that are also plant-based actually help lose weight as you lower cholesterol. The presence of methi helps in the production of insulin and slows down the absorption rate of sugar, making it diabetic friendly. The amla helps in protein metabolism and increases immunity. All the ingredients used in Delight Medley Pro, paves way for blood sugar regulation, benefitting the diabetic community.

Ragi is a good substitute for rice. For diabetic people, it helps in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol level. The dietary fibre in the ragi keeps us satiety for a longer duration of time and enable stable digestion. Ragi porridge or Ragi mudde are well known traditional food well suitable for diabetes. Sprouted Ragi powder is highly nutritious as it is sprouted and roasted compare to the grounded Ragi powder or Ragi malt.